Vaccination: according to the decree announced on the 10th of January of 2022, the presentation of a certificate or vaccination passport against Covid-19 with a minimum of two doses to participate in any event in São Paulo.

  • Testing will NOT be mandatory before the date of the event:
    • Antigen testing will be available during the event at the cost of the participant.
    • For your return trip, you may schedule at-home testing with Vittal Laboratories at: +55 11 93063-0846
  • If you have a positive Covid-19 test close to the date of the event:
    • Participants that test positive for Covid-19 within a 6-day period prior to the event cannot take part in IMAPX.
    • Participants have a positive Covid-19 test in 7 days or more before the event will be able to participate if, by the end of a 7 day quarantine period, they do not present any Covid-19 symptoms.
  • If you are unable to participate in the event because of Covid-19:
    • In case your trip was cancelled our you were unable to participate in IMAPX because of Covid-19, the IMAPX team will give you the following options:
      • The doctor will receive a refund of their registration fee with a 30% administrative cost reduction. However, they will also receive credit equivalent to the 30% administrative costs that can be used to help pay for a course offered by IMAP.
      • ALTERNATIVELY, the doctor can receive credit to participate in a CLaCS Weekend – an event that is typically exclusive for IMAP Academy members for discussion of IMAP-related topics with Prof. Dr. Kasuo Miyake – without cost.
    • Other Prevention Methods:
      • The use of masks will be obligatory during the entire duration of the event, except for speakers during their presentations and discussions.

Hand sanitizer will also be available during the event.