Grand Hyatt São Paulo

Located at the heart of one of the most important neighborhoods in São Paulo, the Grand Hyatt offers to its guests a unique experience. The hotel boasts a gorgeous view of the Octávio Oliveira bridge - one of São Paulo’s most famous landmarks - and is located next to the city’s main shopping centers, parks, and bars.

The Grand Hyatt is a magnificent 5-star hotel that has been chosen for the fifth time as the home of IMAP.

150 suites at the Grand Hyatt have been reserved for IMAP participants and can be acquired at a special price.

Additional accommodation:

Attention: The IMAPX team is not responsible for any additional accommodations, that is, outside of the IMAPX period.

Special discounted accommodation

Physicians wishing to stay before and/or after the IMAP X period (April 1-3) must book directly on the Grand Hyatt Hotel website.

But, before making your decision, we would like to emphasize that it is much more advantageous for you to stay in the same place as the event, because you will not waste time or money with locomotion, you will be close to the greatest professionals of Aesthetic Phlebology in the world, the that allows you to expand your network and, above all, you get 100% immersion in IMAP X!

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